19 Dec

Top nutrition tips over Christmas

The Christmas season is full of festive tunes, twinkling lights, bad Christmas jumpers and being with loved ones and friends getting merry!

It is also a season for over indulging in food, which can mean balancing the festivities whilst watching the waistline can sometimes be a bit difficult.

We hear you - you don't want all that hard work to go to waste all within one week!

Well, Alice our on-site nutruitionist is here to help with a few healthy dietary tips that are quick-wins to help keep you in control over Christmas...

Save being greedy to just the one day rather than all month.. that's you told!

Estimates of how much we over-indulge on Christmas Day generally come in at around the 6000 calorie mark. That’s 3500-4000 calories more than we need, and more than enough to add a pound of fat to the not-so-secret stash! We know it’s really easy to get carried away…but recognising when you’re full is really important. Try and fill the majority of your plate with your favourite vegetables and leave the smallest portion for your roasties. Sounds easy, but don’t get more food until you have eaten everything on your plate.

Save some food for those left-over sandwiches the next day!

Turkey is your friend

Turkey is really high in protein and a lean meat like turkey will keep you fuller for longer and is a natural source of beta-alanine and tryptophan - an essential amino acid that plays a crucial role in lifting mood!

Quick wins with small changes in your drink choice

People often don’t realise that there are seven calories per every 1ml of alcohol. By no means is this us telling you to not drink this Christmas - because let’s face it - you deserve to celebrate; but for those of you trying to keep on top of your fitness goals, some small dietary swaps can go a long way.

For example, try swapping your regular gin and tonic (170 calories,) for a gin and slim line tonic (55 calories per glass!), or swapping a pint of beer/lager (182 calories) for a bottle of beer/ larger (109 calories).

ENJOY Christmas Day with family and friends!

Remember it's ONE day, have fun, relax, and celebrate because the gym can wait until tomorrow...

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Cycle 360 fitness club!

By: Alice Ashe. MSc. SENr. Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist