For those of us who attend regular fitness classes, it's about the guidance, motivation, friendship, and above all, the community.

We want to keep that community going, so we've launched our virtual fitness club timetable! From bodyweight classes, kettlebells, yoga, pilates and indoor cycling sessions - everything is delivered LIVE to your device for all to get involved with wherever you are in the world.

And if you’ve never done a fitness class before, what better way to start that journey, than virtually! Virtual classes can be a great place to find your feet. With our experienced, enthusiastic and friendly instructors up close and personal on your own screen, you can get familiar with exercise instructions and perfect your technique in your own space and at a time that suits you.

We're giving something back to our community, so enjoy, stay active and keep that body moving!


Exercise Made Accessible.
Your Choice.
Your Energy.
Your Way!




Questions & Answers


Do you need to be a member of Cycle 360's Fitness Club to join in the classes?

Nope! Our virtual fitness classes are accessible to everyone, everywhere!

How much do the classes cost to attend?

Absolutely nothing! Unless you want to make a donation to our instructors personal account, in which case, you can reach out to them either before, during or after the class.

I'm rubbish with technology, how does 'Zoom' work?

Zoom is a video conferencing software; you can visit 'Zoom' on your browser here, or you can download the App from your smart phone device.
Once downloaded, click 'Join' and enter in the Meeting ID, found in the class details from our timetable, for your class. Your instructor will start the class 5-10 minutes before it's scheduled to start, so you won't be able to get into the class before your 'host' (the instructor) has started the meeting.

I don't want anyone to hear or see me! How do I make sure my camera and mic are both turned off?

You get the option upon joining whether or not to have your camera on or not, as well as your mic. You'll need sound to hear your instructor but if you forget to mute yourself, don't worry your instructor can mute everyone at the same and will do when the class begins.

Do I need to sign up or register?

As we aren't constricted with studio space, there's no need to register or sign up - just rock up by signing in to Zoom a few minutes before your class is scheduled to start, so you get the full instructions and your virtual class can start on time.


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For when we resume back to normal...

our timetable is jam-packed with 40+ classes per week and we have plenty to choose from! browse through and click on the classes to see what each one entails – it may just be the class for you!

each class offers a diverse experience from the next, so even if you are a total newcomer, give it a go to see if it harmonises with your preferred style of exercise.

here at the fitness club we continue to strive for excellence in our delivery of service and by frequently reviewing our classes we can make the appropriate alterations and additions to achieve this. with this in mind, any timetable modifications will be immediately changed on the website and mindbody booking app, so that you can see them as soon as they are done… we suggest that you keep your eyes peeled so that you can stay ahead of the game – but, of course, we will also use our social media pages and email updates to fill you in on anything new!

to avoid disappointment, make sure that you book your place in advance using the mindbody app or below via our online timetable. please note all classes can be booked 7 days prior to the start date/ time.



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Our bikeshop is open between 10am and 4pm Monday-Saturday. For workshop services, please arrange an appointment.



Our café is currently temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. Where we can, we will operate takeout via www.eatout.im.



Our fitness club is currently temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, however we are running FREE virtual classes online! Visit our timetable for class details.