What bike?


The Wattbike.



cycling, a growing trend, has hit the uk from all angles, and it’s only just starting in the isle of man! but i bet you haven’t tried this…at cycle 360 we are bringing you the first wattbike class the island has to offer.  unlike any other spin class, wattbike has redefined indoor cycling. 



Who, Watt, When, Where and Why? 


Is it for me? 


don’t be fooled by the bold look of this bike, with its fancy computer and all its data options.  this bike is for everyone.  engineered to be incredibly versatile, flattering both elite athletes and complete beginners.  accurate data allows you to maximise every session no matter what the goal.  


But watt actually is it?


originally requested by british cycling in 2008, wattbike was developed to feel like the ‘real’ thing, used as a tool to record extensive data for the pros.  today this indoor cycling machine is revolutionising your average spin class.


So, this isn’t your average spin class?


unlike any other indoor bike, the wattbike replicates a ‘normal’ bike with its gears, pedals and handlebars, thus improving your cycling for when you’re out on the road! the wattbike is also calibrated to you, this means that when working in certain training zones the amount of effort you put in is relative to your fitness level.  the programme also allows analysis of your pedalling technique.  each rotation is stored within the bikes software, illustrating where and when you apply power through your legs.  wattbike has given everyone the chance to train with never seen before precision to become a smoother, faster, more efficient cyclist.


Why should I choose wattbike?


with a focus on ‘power-based training’, guessing will no longer be an element of your workout.  the stats generated allow you to gauge your fitness levels recording speed, cadence and pedaling technique.  just because you covered 20 miles one day and only 15 the next, it does not guarantee that you made more of an effort on the day you covered 20 miles.  with the focus on measuring power rather than mileage, you will get higher quality workouts with more quantifiable progress, leading to that increase in fitness and performance that everyone is seeking!   


the wattbike trainer is compatible with a variety of different heart rate monitors including all garmin, suunto, polar and myzone models as well as other ant and ant+ devices, which are sold in cycle 360.  keep all this data stored through the bikes ability to connect to popular apps such as strava.


But it’s not just for cyclists! 


classes at cycle 360 vary between hiit, hills and endurance elements.  better endurance capacity allows you to maintain a higher level of intensity for longer, thus delaying the effect of fatigue.  this fitness development is extremely transferable into many other sports such as running and rowing, an attractive non-impact addition to your training! 


Where can I find a Wattbike?


our state of the art studio is home to 18 wattbikes (the trainers).  bright and airy with the ability to become dark and moody, suit your surroundings to your attitude.  fully air-conditioned, kitted out with the latest sonos sound system, this is a place to get your head low and the music high. 


When can I start? 


classes run monday-saturday, complimentary with your cycle 360 fitness club membership but also available as a pay as you go option.  go check out our timetable and pricing options.  


What do I need to bring?


wattbike training is no easy work.  expect to build up a sweat, so ensure you come equipped with lots of water to rehydrate and a towel to dry you off.  suitable clothing to exercise in is essential.  you don’t necessarily need cycling shorts but you will be considerably more comfortable, so we do recommend you use them.  wattbikes are equipped with pedals suited for individuals wearing trainers but also compatible with spd/look keo pedals for those who wish to wear cleats. in layman’s terms the bike is compatible for both mountain bike or road bike shoes.



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